Ingredients derived from organic agriculture in Canada

All our products are made near Montréal and contain at least one active organic ingredient grown in Canada.

Organic horsetail cultivated in the Laurentians, QC

Organic goldenseal cultivated in the Laurentians, QC

Organic flax cultivated in the Eastern Townships, QC

Organic blueberries cultivated in Eastern townships, QC

Organic Soybean oil, from Eastern townships, QC

Organic yarrow cultivated in the Laurentians, QC

Organic maple sugar cultivated in Eastern townships, QC

0% toxic, 100% Bio-Pure

Purely sourced

Our ingredients come from plant sources that have been carefully selected to ensure that they are grown, gathered and harvested in ways that do no not harm the environment or upset fragile ecosystems. All of our ingredients are guaranteed GMO-free.

All of our products contain active organic ingredients from Canada.

See the INCI designation on the back of all our products for details on their ingredients:

* certified natural Ingredients
** certified organic Ingredients
+ 100% natural plant extract

Eliminate irritants

The harsh petrochemical-based sulphates found in most shampoos irritate your scalp and strip your hair of its natural shine. Their abundant lather hides their harmful effects.

Mistik shampoo contains yucca, a plant that gently deep cleans your hair, leaving it healthy and shiny. Its light lather tells you it’s safe.

Your hair deserves a gentle touch.