Today, on November 5th 2022, we are celebrating National Redhead Day (and week) – people known for their strong character and sometimes even devilish ways, according to beliefs and history.

Is it a coincidence that this date lands on the same mystical week as Halloween? Given the many myths and legends: no!

In Greek mythology, the belief was that redheaded people transformed into vampires after their death! On the other hand, during the inquisition period, in the 16th and 17th centuries, women with red hair were often considered as witches and were captured and burnt – their hair symbolizing the flames of hell for the inquisitors! In the Bible, we learn that Judas has red hair and Satan, himself, is sometimes illustrated as a Red Dragon with red hair. To understand the belief of that time, one can add that Eve and Bathsheba, the two temptresses with red hair, brought Adam and the King David to their downfalls.

The thought that women with red hair have strong personalities is wonderfully symbolized by the story of Boudica, a Celtic queen, depicted as having an imposing red mane. After being humiliated by the Romans, she unleashed her anger and raised an army like never seen before, made up of 230 000 men to punish the Romans, in killing between 70 000 to 80 000 soldiers. After that, she chose to poison herself and her daughters too instead of surrendering.

Red hair has always been associated with a perception of irresistible beauty. To illustrate, we can use the Rapunzel example. According to the legend, she was the most beautiful child that ever existed. She was captured by a witch who imprisoned her at the top of a tower in order to hide her exquisite beauty. However, her charm was so powerful that she managed to seduce her prince charming who came to save her by climbing her long and sturdy braided red hair.

As for the men with red hair, they were perceived as particularly strong and virile. The best representation of this is the god of war, Thor (from Scandinavian mythology), with his red hair and strong stature.

Today, these myths and legends are less present. Although, the fascination for red hair continues to grow probably due to its rarity. In either case (angel or demon), red haired friends, be proud of your hair and celebrate it by taking good care of it – ideally with plant-based magic Mistik potions!

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