5 reasons to use Hydro Serum on your beard

Gentlemen, did you know that Mistik products can be used not only on the hair on your head, but also on your facial hair? Our star product, Mistik’s Hydro Serum is perfect for your beard.

Here are 5 reasons why Mistik’s Hydro Serum should be part of your morning routine:

  1. Facial haircare products currently on the market are made with oil and wax, which means they have a greasy touch that could leave marks on a dress shirt or suit, and are hard to wash out. The big advantage of our Hydro Serum compared to other existing products is that, since it’s water-based, it’s non-greasy and easy to wash out of clothing.
  2. Hydro Serum nourishes, hydrates and softens your beard, thanks to its anti-oxidant formula made with blueberries and flax which preserve hydration.
  3. It makes your beard shine and gives it a subtle hold, without the sticky texture. A small amount is enough to cover the whole beard.
  4. Like the rest of the Mistik line, Hydro Serum is 100% natural and non-toxic. There are no traces of sulfate, silicones, parabens, petroleum-based ingredients or synthetic fragrance. It is a bio-pure choice for your health.
  5. Finally, it has the fresh and fruity smell of blueberries, which will surely be a hit with your better half!

Kill two birds with one stone and use a drop of the Hydro Serum in your hair as well as in your beard to give them both a healthy shine!

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