Ce printemps, vos cheveux parleront le langage des fleurs!

This spring, pump-up the volume with flower power!

Does your hair fall flat within 30 seconds after you leave the house, or even the bathroom? Our natural, orchid-based shampoo might be the answer to your woes. Thanks to its flower-power, it helps to restore bounce and thickness to fine, limp hair.

Throughout history, orchid has been used in traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean medicine for its numerous therapeutic properties. Did you know that it provides anti-inflammatory, astringent and regenerative actions? This inspired us at Mistik to take a closer look. That’s when we discovered that orchids also contain many bioactive molecules that are perfect for fine hair. We’re talking about polysaccharides, saponins and triterpenoids. Now, that’s quite the scientific find. In laymen’s terms though, it essentially means that a good dose of orchid extract delivers serious volume.

Mistik’s formula is also infused with yarrow, a local flower that’s cultivated right here in the Laurentians. Yarrow is known for its medicinal and invigorating properties that restores body to your hair. Combined with orchid extract, our Volume shampoo creates the perfect bouquet for fine hair.

Thanks to Mother Nature and this truly magical potion, you can have all the bounce and volume that you dreamed of!

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