Moussez la santé de vos cheveux avec des ingrédients naturels

Get your hair foaming and healthy with natural ingredients

What if your 100% natural shampoo’s foam was a true testament to your hair’s health?

Champagne, chocolate mousse… Who doesn’t enjoy bubbles? Although we associate bubbles as a sign of fun and celebration, people also commonly think foam = effectiveness. Could we really say that a bubble bath cleans better than a regular one? Of course not! So what is foam exactly?

Foam, like bubbles in your champagne, develops when microfibers at the surface of your glass, the champagne components and air are in equilibrium. When it comes to shampoo, bubbles occur when the hair’s microfibers, the product’s cleaning agent, water and air are in equilibrium. However, when a natural cleaning agent meets petrochemical impurities clinging to your hair, it disrupts this stability and foam can’t develop naturally. Our organic shampoo will then get to work and start detoxifying your scalp – how cool is that!

Mistik shampoo’s all natural formula will free your hair from suffocating chemical toxins – no more silicones, acrylates and polyquarterniums. What does this mean? Your pores are finally unclogged and are able to breathe again. Thanks to this process, real foam will now be able to form in this healthy environment.

Within a few weeks of use, you will notice a decrease in dandruff, no more itchy scalp, better healthy-looking hair… and foam!

Let’s celebrate your healthy hair with champagne!

Have you noticed that your Mistik shampoo foams up? Share the good news using #MistikPure and toast with a bubbly drink to celebrate! Cheers!

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