Maple water is good on brittle hair too

Did you know that maple can strengthen damaged hair? Although it’s certainly delicious over a pile of pancakes, maple is much more than a sugar shack staple: it’s also a fortifying ingredient.

For many centuries, maple water has been used for its health benefits by Indigenous peoples of eastern North America, notably the Iroquois and the Ojibwa. Today, scientists are closely studying its numerous properties, going as far as comparing it to coconut water in the detox beverage category. Under the microscope, you’ll find minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, vitamin B, antioxidants and many more.

Let’s leave the laboratory for a moment and get back to your hair! It’s dry, damaged by the cold winter and the pugnacity of your heater, and you’re feeling helpless when it comes to hydration and repair before the arrival of spring. Our solution? A maple fortifying cure, thanks to our shampoo and conditioner made from Quebec maple water.

Rich in repairing minerals, maple paired with field horsetail strengthens brittle hair even more. Horse what? Horsetail. It’s a plant renowned for its fortifying properties which facilitate tissue renewal of hair and nails.

Sweet scents of vanillin, which is found in maple, softly perfumes your shower with every wash – a scent almost as enticing as pancakes soaking in maple syrup.

Try our fortifying formula and let us know the results!

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