Get your hair detoxified with Mistik

Get your hair detoxified with Mistik

Did you know that when you start using natural shampoos and conditioners, your hair will first go through a detox phase before showing great results? Mistik’s founder, Jean-Eric Marie, is a chemist specialized in the chemistry of plant substances. This sub-discipline is a branch of science whose goal is to offer milder and non-toxic plant-based alternatives to petroleum-based substances found in various everyday products.

We asked Jean-Éric to explain the detoxification process and the effects of 100% natural products on our hair:

Which toxins and irritating ingredients are most commonly found in ordinary shampoos?

The most common ingredients in non-natural products that we have chosen to avoid in Mistik’s products are: sulfur derivatives (sulfates, sulfonates, sulfoacetates), silicones and siloxanes, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocamide DEA, methylisothiazolinone, PEG, ethoxylated compounds (-eth), polyquarterniums, parabens, phenoxyethanol, acrylates, polysorbates and synthetic perfumes.

What are the effects of these petrochemical ingredients on the hair?

There are two main problems for hair and scalp that I can see with these ingredients:

  • The ones that are substantive, occlusive and with a weak biodegradability (silicones/siloxanes, polyquarterniums, acrylates) will latch permanently and even accumulate with time while blocking the pores of the scalp. The consequence of this is often a suffocation and weighing down of the hair.
  • The ones with high potential for irritation of the scalp (sulfates, sulfonates, sulfoacetates, methylisothiazolinone, cocamidopropyl betaine, cocamide DEA) which can result in a deterioration of the general health of the scalp, particularly for people with sensitive skin. This will in turn show through itchiness and dandruff due to dry scalp, loss of density, thinner and weaker hair.

Which natural cleaning ingredients replace the ones found in ordinary shampoos?

At Mistik, our star cleansing agent is yucca, which is the purest and oldest known form of natural shampoo. We compound its benefits with ingredients obtained by grafting plant oils with natural sugars or plant proteins, such as organic coconut oil and soybean oil with non-GMO corn sugars and gluten-free organic rice proteins.

Hence, we have ingredients which are extremely gentle on the scalp and, due to their better biodegradability, don’t accumulate on hair. Consequently, by using those ingredients, your hair and scalp breathe better and are healthier.

Are natural products suitable for everyone?

Yes! Since natural shampoos are non-toxic and gentle on the hair and scalp, they are appropriate for everyone, including babies.

Can we use natural products at the same time as products with petrochemical ingredients?

We strongly advise against mixing Mistik with non-natural products because it would cancel out the benefits of our natural product.

How does a natural shampoo detoxify the hair?

When a natural shampoo cleans the hair, it removes chemical ingredients that are latched onto the strands and the scalp. It will also have a withdrawal action against the other unwanted ingredients to which your hair was used to.

For those using a natural shampoo for the first time, the key is to be patient while your hair goes through the detox phase. Once you pass this stage, you will notice that the shampoo lathers a lot more and that the conditioner detangles the hair more easily. The scalp can now breathe and become healthier while your hair gets stronger and more luscious.

How long do we have to use Mistik’s natural products before seeing some real change?

The amount of time can vary depending if petroleum-based toxins have accumulated and if so, to what extent. The change can be seen immediately or it can take up to six weeks, depending on how much detox action your hair requires at first. On average, I would say between 2 to 3 weeks if you use Mistik’s products 3 times per week. 

What are the long-term results when using natural hair products?

In Mistik’s case, the immediate result would be to get a healthy, appeased scalp, so no more itchiness and dandruff due to dryness. Subsequently, you will get better results than with regular products, such as stronger, lighter, healthier and more beautiful hair in their natural state.

People with colored hair will see their color last longer while getting better shine upon color application. This explained by the fact when you are using Mistik, on one hand, you are not damaging your color with harsh surfactants. On the other hand, you are not blocking the fixation of the color upon application through occlusive substances like silicones,

In general, people that switched out their regular products for Mistik, all swear that they will never go back to using non-natural products. It’s not hard to understand why, because the results are truly amazing!

What are you waiting for to try Mistik’s natural detox? Your hair will thank you!

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